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We sell patent-pending H2S mitigation formulas to oil and natural gas producers, midstream companies, and oilfield service companies. Companies benefit from Archon Energy Solutions’ crude and natural gas H2S mitigation fluid treatment, processing, and production solutions because of our extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, providing a unique blend of products, services, and technology.

We deliver top-of-the-line safety, ease of installation and operation, and on-demand services. We engineered our fluid treatment products with state-of-the-art technology to maximize run time and visibility for our customers.

In addition to H2S chemicals, we sell API 12F tanks and accessories.

H2S Treatment


The presence of H2S in hydrocarbons has caused safety concerns, operational problems, and corrosion for generations.

API Tanks & Accessories


Industry standard storage tanks and accessories used in production fields to hold oil until it is delivered to tankers or into a pipeline.

Chemical Services


Suite of advanced production chemical solutions that prevent scale and buildup in natural gas and oil production

Natural Gas Mitigation


Our natural gas mitigation product, Inferno™, resulted from many months of testing in the lab and field. We were able to utilize a sterile environment with the equipment necessary to perform any test needed at any time. Field gas was used for chemistry balance and testing utilizing a portable bubble column. As solids were the primary concern in treating acids in gas, special attention was paid to making sure solids were not possible. Months of field testing were primarily conducted in the Eagle Ford Shale fields. After extensive testing, we field trialed with impressive results. Inferno currently performs with exceptional success after several months in operation!

Crude Oil Mitigation


Our crude oil mitigation product, Pristine™, removes H2S which has plagued the oilfield for generations. H2S is a major risk to public and personnel safety. The negative operational outcomes reduce market demands and cause relative price discounts. Traditional treatments, while effective in treating H2S, are overpriced, supply chain restricted, and produce negative side effects requiring additional chemical treatments. Our objective was to develop a simple, robust and economical solution that produced, or limited, negative operational outcomes.

Oil and Gas Infrastructure

API Tanks and Accessories

We sell API 12F tanks and accessories. Our tanks serve as a staging area to collect crude oil in several stages of production. These tanks are used in production fields and hold the oil until it is delivered to tankers or into a pipeline.



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